What’s Your Story?

Hello and Welcome!

Motherhood is such an amazing and gratifying roller coaster rider.  Every woman’s pregnancy story and experience is so beautifully unique.  After learning that I was pregnant with my first child, a beautiful baby girl whom we named Alyssa, I desired to learn all that I could about my new role.  The moment those two lines confirmed that I was “with child” I immediately began shaking and crying — not with tears of joy– but with tears of fear! “OH MY GOSH! I am going to be a Mom”, I realized.  I ran to the nearest bookstore to begin my quest of learning all that I could about what to expect during this incredible journey.  I wanted to hear how my emotions were going to fluctuate so rapidly that in one hour I would go from being likened to a hasting dictator to that emotional woman who cries while watching a TV commercial.  

 Once other moms found out that that I was expecting, the conversation almost always shifted and almost involuntarily the stories began pouring out of their mouths. I realized that everyone’s story was so different and special &  relished every moment of listening .  Now I find myself doing the same things to new moms.

 Thus birthed the idea of my new blog that I would like for you to be apart of.

I want this site to be filled with stories about how you found out you were pregnant, how “he” reacted, crazy old wives tales you were told, how your labor went, how your other children reacted, crazy cravings, personality changes, any story that you just have to tell other expecting moms. Even if you think no one wants to hear “that”, trust me they do!

Remember, everyone has a story and your story may be just that thing that someone needs to hear.

Thanks in advance for your participation,

                  “Lisa Lee” Arneaud